on hiatus

this blog will be on an indefinite hiatus so that i can give my time to old projects i need to complete, and some new projects that require more time. there are plenty of links for news and blogs in the right-hand column for those who wish to follow news and politics about palestine and beyond.


5 thoughts on “on hiatus

  1. Al Quds Day Demonstration

    Show your support for Palestine, join the annual Al-Quds Day demonstration in London on Saturday 4th September.

    Assembling at 2pm at Marble Arch (nearest underground: Marble Arch), marching to the US Embassy (Grosvenor Square) for a rally.

    Speakers Include:
    Sheikh Bahmanpour (Principal of Islamic College)
    Dr.Daud Abdullah (Director of Middle East Monitor)
    Rabbi Ahron Cohen (Netura Karta UK)
    Yvonne Ridley (Viva Palestina)
    Taji Mustafa (Hizb ut Tahrir)
    Roland Rance (Jews Against Zionism)
    Massoud Shadjareh (IHRC)

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