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An eyewitness account:

Dear all,
after all the incidents that have been taking place in Lebanon, especially referring to the conflicts in Tripoly, which took place during the last month. “a small model of a civil war” a lot of people have noted, including politicians, media and experts.

I’m not going to evaluate or even comment on the Role of the Lebanese Army during those times, but what I will high light is the way this Army is reacting when ever palestinians are involved.

again i wont go into the details of how the Army reacted back in 2007 in Naher El Bared, but what i will for sure do is make sure that all of you on this list (all BCC’d) get to know the facts of today 15 of June 2012 attacks on Civilians, NON Armed population of Naher El Bared, here you have some facts:

the Army (who…

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