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Once again, I am ashamed of the Lebanese Army, and ashamed of the unconditional, racist blind support the Army receives whenever Palestinians are on the receiving end of its bullets, and angered at the one-sided viewpoints given by the Lebanese press.  The line of the Army is presented as the truth, without any context.  Thus far, 3 Palestinians are killed — unarmed Palestinians killed by the Army.

On the night of 15 June,  Ahmad Qassim, a 16-year-old Palestinian who lived in Nahr al-Bared, was killed by the Lebanese Army after an argument at a checkpoint.  Last night, at Ahmad’s funeral, 2 more Palestinians were killed during confrontations with the Army. At least 25 wounded.

The questions the media is not asking: why is the Army there? Why is the Camp still besieged by checkpoints? Why are the rights of the Palestinians still denied?

I am publishing the eyewitness reports. The truth…

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