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I am a writer, a teacher, and an activist invested in human rights and justice.  These values ungird my pedagogy, research, and writing.

As a teacher I approach literature from an interdisciplinary perspective, often through comparative disciplines such as women’s, American, and Middle East studies. For me literature has always been an entry point into exploring history, music, film, art, geography, and politics. Therefore, when I teach a particular novel, poem, or play I use it as an opportunity to integrate as many of these contexts as possible. While students may find it odd to be asked to read maps alongside novels, this approach makes the literature more engaging and ultimately more relevant to students’ lives.

Upon receiving my PhD in 2001, I taught English at Boise State University in Idaho, U.S.  During my tenure at Boise State, I accepted a variety of visiting professorships including: the University of Ghana at Legon; al-Quds University, Palestine; the University of Jordan; and the American University of Beirut, Lebanon. In the spring of 2008 I received tenure at Boise State University; I subsequently quit my job to accept a position at an-Najah University in Nablus, Palestine where I taught for one year. Because Israel will not allow Palestinian institutions to provide work visas to internationals, I joined the English department of Amman Ahliyya University, Jordan in fall 2009. The next time I tried to return to Palestine, I was denied entry.

In the fall of 2010 I moved from teaching at a university to chairing an English department at Brummana High School in Lebanon. I accepted this opportunity to work with younger students on writing skills and to motivate them to read at earlier ages. After teaching in the Arab world for a few years, I realized that there are some things that cannot be taught at the college level. By working with younger people, educators can learn about student reading and writing habits. This information can be used to inspire students to read and improve their writing. These remain two goals that I am committed to pedagogically.

My writing includes several seemingly divergent themes, all of which overlap in the sense of my primary research interest: studying the ways in which culture can shape the political sphere in positive ways. I am the editor of Jessie Redmon Fauset’s The Chinaberry Tree & Selected Writings, and The Sleeper Wakes: Harlem Renaissance Stories by Women as well as author of Beyond Slash, Burn, and Poison: Transforming Breast Cancer Stories into Action for which I won Breast Cancer Action’s Spirit of Activism Award (all proceeds from this book go directly to Breast Cancer Action). Most recently, my book The Politics of Teaching Palestine to Americans: Addressing Pedagogical Strategies was published by Palgrave Macmillan (all proceeds from this book go directly to the Middle East Children’s Alliance).

My most recent activist work includes my role as the legislative coordinator for Idaho District Two for the U.S. Campaign to End the Occupation of Palestine. In Palestine I worked with various organizations related to Palestinian refugees, their right of return, and the boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement including Badil and the BDS National Movement. I work with the Lebanese Campaign to End Israeli Apartheid, مقاطعة إسرائيل لتحقيق العدالة and Civil Resistance Campaign in Lebanon. In 2007 I co-founded the Nahr el Bared Relief Campaign to assist Palestinian refugees in Lebanon who became internally displaced people when the Lebanese army invaded the camp. I am also a co-founder of the US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel. More recently I have organized with Nasawiya and the Anti-Racism Movement in Lebanon as well as the Middle East Children’s Alliance.

My blog contains an archive of my thoughts and reflections on all of this work over the past few years.


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  1. and you are so much more than all that, marcy!
    i’m proud to know you and proud to work with you.

  2. Are you saying that Israel should be destroyed like hamas?

    Or are you saying it should no longer be a state and that a new one should be created under Arab or Palestinian control?

  3. If one believes that Israel must be a Jewish state, then, yes, I think it must cease to exist. I’m not saying that Jews who are willing to live peacefully with Palestinians must leave, but I am saying that Palestinians must be able to return to their homes and a new secular government that is by, for, and of ALL the people must be put in the place. Palestinians have been homeless and stateless for 59 years. They deserve to go home and the racist, colonialist state needs to be dissolved.

    1. Marcy, I just want to say that like the situation in the North of Ireland when we were oppressed and had no civil rights or equality, it was people like yourself outside of Ireland that worked very hard to get the American government involved to help us change things. I make no apologies for being an Irish republican and having supported the struggle for our freedom, yet, Just as we have resolved our conflict and are on the road to freedom, I believe Palestine will one day be free as well.

      I used to cry for Ireland,
      now I cry for Palestine

      just know that people like yourself are appreciated

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          Thanks so much for the web!

    2. You have read the Hamas’s Islamic declaration, right? Palestinians want to create a Sharia state … you are clearly insane. They have openly declared this, and you think destroying Israel will create a secular state … Israel IS the closest thing to a secular state in the Middle East! Jordan is Palestine, Gaza is Egypt, see the light.

    3. They have en homeless and stateless because the Arabs have refused to absorb them and kept them miserable and impoverished, unlike the 900,00 Jewish refugees that were deprived of their property and expelled from Middle Eastern countries. What happened to them? They were absorbed into Israel and other countries and now live decent lives–unlike those who depended on Arab largeness in their plight.

      1. Oh, I see, you are under the mistaken idea that Palestinian refugees are an Arab problem rather than a European problem (given that the Zionist Jews who colonized Palestine were largely European). I recommend reading the book Our Roots Are Still Alive if you don’t have an understanding of the root of the problem. It is online, and although it is a bit out of date, it is one of the best books with respect to explaining, very clearly, the colonial roots of Zionism and the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

  4. I enjoy your blog and sympathise with you for having to endure the frankly moronic attacks that come with the territory. I am going through this myself. It is apparently now the case that to question Zionism is ipso facto racism. And so does a new totalitarianism gain ground on the campus. I despair. Bon courage, Marcy!

  5. What a great site for me to “trip upon.” I noted the name and was instantly interested given the internention and accompaniment type work i’ve been doing. Thanks for your good work, and thanks for having the site. Your banner photo looks so familiar. Is it from the wall mural in the Ibdaa center in Dheisheh?

  6. Thank you for promoting this issue with such dedication. Your work is important, sincerely inspiring, and an antidote for discouragement. The Zionist lobby is a strong contender for the most deleterious element in American politics. As a Boise resident myself, I am proud that you were a professor here.

    I know that many consider Zionism to be a kind of racism, but I think that fundamentally it is better characterized as a kind of chauvinistic nationalism. Any kind of nationalism has elements of, or at least the potential for, racism, because it elevates the welfare of one group above all others. It becomes chauvinistic when one’s dedication to the nation becomes excessive. When is that dedication excessive? The line has clearly been crossed when hundreds of thousands of people are displaced, and millions of their descendants are oppressed for the benefit of another group.

    When talking about nationalism, a “nation” ignores national boundaries. It can be a political state, but it can be the Queer Nation, or the Nation of Islam…or Jews, wherever they might live around the globe.

    One of reasons Zionism finds allies in the USA is of course the special place of biblical Israel in the Christians’ beliefs, but another very deep source of affinity is Americans’ own strong nationalistic tendencies. This makes them tend to align with nationalist movements. This is understood very well by Zionist organizations, and I think it is at the heart of their attempts to quash the use of the terms “Palestinians” and “Palestine” in relation to the Occupied Territories and their inhabitants. It is crafty equivocation by Zionists to use one definition of “nation”–as a synonym for “state”–when it is expedient, and another definition–meaning a group of people united by descent, history, language, culture, or religion–at other times.

    Forgive me if I am merely rehashing ideas that are already embedded in your blog.

  7. Why do you want that Israel the Jew State desapear ?

    Israel is a State recognised by the ONU and has the right to exist as America or others.

    Hermine Leboutte

  8. Excuse please my english as it’s not my mother langage.

    I wish to have relationships with Palestinians and Israeliens people to exchange points of vews.

    I think that war should stop first as people cannot leave without peace and know that it’s the wish of all in the heart.

    Next time I will use my english dictionary…

    Hermine Leboutte
    22 june

  9. Thank you for this wealth of information. Please continue your hard work. It is a great resource to help tell the story of the Palestinian people to my friends and family who have been kept ignorant by the British media.

  10. Greetings Marcy from Manchester, England. I am a supporter of the Stop the War Coalition, the British Palestine solidarity movement (PSC) and Action Palestine here and I have documented their events through online video for the past decade. I came across your blog while researching Obama’s campaign team and advisors. Excellent material. Keep up the good work. For the liberation of Palestinians and Jews from the colonial Zionist movement. Can’t see Obama doing it though. The media exclusion and sidelining of Nader and Cindy Sheehan was an outrage.

    Check out my wordpress vlog and my YouTube channel:


    See also the Manchester Stop the War site:.


  11. Dear marcie
    wow! what a great blog! so glad i stumbled onto this one, will be a regular visitor now. I am going to put your blog on my blogroll at


    Sorry am quite a novive so didn’t know how else to tell you:-(

    Bless you for the work you are doing:-)

  12. hi marcy!!!

    nice blog, extraordinary way of thinking, very fine approach, well-read and well-versed but u still have more to learn. don’t stop learning, my dear~

    “Read in the Name of your Lord Who created” (96:1)

  13. What a great rich Blog. We love you Marcy for speaking out and for speaking the truth. Thank you.

  14. So Hillary Clinton is a villain, that’s why she went to Palestine last week and met with their leaders and warned Israel to stop demolishing Palestinian homes, where are those pictures?
    And how about a father and son photo of Obamas chief of staff and his daddy Benjamin M. Emanuel formerly( Auerbach) he murdered 90 people 40 of whom were Arabs in the 1940’s before coming to the U.S. and changing his name, How about a photo of son Rahm Emanuel (who was named in honor of Rahamim, a Lehi terrorist) in his Israeli uniform when he went to Israel to serve, or how about a picture of Obamas VP Joe Biden proclaiming on Shalom tv that he is a Zionist.
    There is no doubt that what the Israel Government has been doing to the Palestinian
    People is nothing short of a holocaust , that being said, to demonize Hillary Clinton for a photo with Perez is to demonize her for photos that were taken of her and Palestinian leaders.

    Hillary Clinton, not Obama, not Joe Biden, not Rahm Emanuel is the best friend Palestine could have.

    Hillary Clinton has been a champion of human rights and women s rights and children s rights since before you, or Obama or Rahm was born.

    In 1930 England’s prime minister met with Adolf Hitler, does that make him a Nazi?

    What do you think diplomacy is, just meeting with one side?

    Anyone of any intellect can bash someone, integrity and truth on the other hand is harder to summon, but it’s worth the effort- so why not give it a try.

    1. if you search my blog, indeed, if you search the internet, or read reliable analysis on websites like electronic intifada, you will find a great amount of work detailing the ways that hillary clinton has worked against palestinian liberation for a very long time–since she ran for office in new york the first time. her husband did a great deal to sabotage palestinian liberation as well. hence my intense loathing for hillary.

  15. Salamz,
    Very nice to meet you. I’m doing English literature myself in The Islamic university in Gaza.
    You have a very informative blog, and I hope one day you’ll come to Gaza.
    Much respect,

    1. i would love to meet you, too, lina! i did a lecture at your university via video conference last week. and i may do one with my students soon. you should talk to dr. akram habeeb and perhaps we can meet via videocam for now anyway. but i hope to come to gaza sometime in the next six months or so. stay strong and steadfast.

  16. I see you call yourself an activist. Does that mean that you will stand in front of the offices of Hamas and Islamic Jihad and protest their firing of thousands of rockets at Israeli Civilians? Does that mean you will protest their acts of terror, only a small number of which are listed below? I think not.

      1. So, no surprise here, you support terror. The funny thing is, these people that you support would nail you to the wall. Women in their world are worth less than manure.

        Since you support “resistance” why not become a homicide bomber and kill us Zionists? They need the bodies. True, as a woman, you don’t get any virgins, but you would at least get a martyr poster.

        1. I can see hatred dripping from your words, “israeli”… It is the perfect way to sum up the zionist super attittude twoard the Goyim, specially the native Palestinians !!

        2. I can see hatred dripping from your words, “israeli”… It is the perfect way to sum up the zionist super attitude toward the Goyim, specially the native Palestinians !!

  17. The steeper the price Israel has been willing to pay for peace, the more it has been repaid with violence.
    While you bewail the deaths of Palestinians, you might want to give at least a frown – I don’t expect you to shed a single tear – for all the Israelis who were blown up on buses and in pizza parlors. In your worldview, all Palestinian aggression is the (legitimate) response to Israeli aggression. You ignore the one fundamental issue in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and that is the steadfast unwillingness of Islamic fundamentalists to tolerate a non-Muslim state in their midst. From this one issue all else flows, including all the wars and terrorist campaigns that have troubled this area for six decades.

    1. no. you’re wrong: the conflict is rooted in 122 years of zionists colonizing palestinian land by stealing it, by murdering palestinians, and by forcing those they don’t murder off of their land into a state of 61 years of refugeedom. it is not an islamic issue. it is a colonial issue.

  18. 122 years? Get a grip! What a racist declaration. You have totally bought into the notion that only Arabs and no Jews may live in the land. That’s based on religious doctrine, a doctrine in the case of Islam that is inherent bigotry. (Moslems are superior; Christians and Jews are dhimmi.) Your remark inherently implies that no Jew is entitled to live in Palestine even if they bought the land. And why do you always say “the Zionist entity”? That’s the same rhetoric that Ahmanidejad uses. You won’t even articulkate “Israel”?
    You espouse racist beliefs in the name of democracy. That’s a perversion.
    I challenge your sense of justice on your blog when you declare that you support ALL means of resistance. The religion of Jew-murder and terrorism is deeply perverse, such as the Hamas TV children’s program in which an adorable live-action Palestinian Mickey Mouse is beaten to death by an Israeli, then replaced by his more militant cousin, Nahoul the Bee, who vows to continue on Mickey’s path to martyrdom.
    Every society is threatened when people refuse to condemn teaching children that the enemy is satanic. How can you call yourself a progressive thinker when you advocate on behalf of racism? For you to laud this is beyond the pale of reason.

    1. yes, 122 years. that is when zionists began colonizing palestinian land. clearly your brain is awash with zionist propaganda that prevents you from understanding the historical and current reality so i won’t waste my time explaining myself to you. if you care to know the truth than you can browse my blog.

      1. “Clearly your brain is awash with zionist propaganda.” Who’s the one spouting propaganda? You didn’t answer a single point in my earlier response. Your entire argument is based on Islamic cultural and religious bias. Can a Pennsylvanian move to California? Can s/he move to London? to Turkey? to Timbuktu? is that colonization???? You are implying that JEWS can’t live in Palestine, that it is inherently colonialist. Isn’t there a little bigotry inherent in that line of thinking?
        You also ducked my point about your defending ALL resistance. Where’s that in the scheme of society? Will you clearly denounce the dancing in the streets of Ramallah and Tulkarem after a Palestinian shoots a three year old at point-blank range? I don’t expect to change your mind but hopefully, someone cruising your blog will see the flaws in your specious contentions.

  19. What she’s saying is based on fact but is more than a collection of facts. Israel is saying “there can be a country in which people of a certain religion are more welcome than anyone else”. This resulted in the permanent exile of most of the people of the land in 1948.

    This is not only colonialism, it’s apartheid.

    You cannot decide based on thousands of facts, alone. You think you can weigh facts and balance them and score them? You cannot.

    Many of us who identify with the Palestinians see their treatment as typical of an elite that assumes that it is committed to “freedom and democracy” while it ignores the victims of its “freedom and democracy”, and which is constantly seeking, not “freedom and democracy”, but an excuse to suspend freedom and democracy in a state of emergency it blames on others.

    Israel in fact seeks a permanent holiday from its so-called ideals, as do most wealthy and elite people world-wide.

  20. That is: these “debates”, especially on the Israeli side, sound so childish! Instead of trying to explain Israel’s war crimes, the pro-Israeli debater points to bad acts on the other side, trying to collect as many as possible in order to have an argument.

    This is the logical fallacy of *tu quoque*: “you’re another [criminal, bad person], so much so that I am not a [criminal, bad person]: my deviant conduct must be overlooked because statistically there are not enough [criminal acts, bad acts] on my charge sheet, indeed these [criminal acts, bad acts] are what a normal person must do.”

    This is a criminal’s argument in defense of criminality.

    Would Hamas bomb children were they to have access to the latest high-tech weaponry? I do not know and it is immaterial. The fact is that Israel is committed to the permanent state of emergency, the fifty year state of emergency, and the second fact is that it’s not a country, it’s a country club which only reluctantly admits non-Jews to membership.

  21. Why is that immaterial? Israel has the capacity to vaporize Gaza – as well as neighboring Islamic countries – but does not. Hamas, on the other hand, does not (yet) have that capability but vows to do so. So Israel gets criticized for “disproportional response” but Gaza does not get criticized for the continuous lobbing of rockets into Israel? Because those rockets are not as deadly? That’s absurd. Hamas’ avowed goal is Israel’s destruction. That is about as extreme as a government can get.
    I am prepared to acknowledge that Israel is not a democracy in the Western sense. It wants to be a nation with a religious identity. As does Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia (which, as you know, does not permit dhimmis to reside), Sudan, Libya, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, etc, etc.

    1. The only reason Israel hasn’t “vaporised” its neighborhood is that the United States hasn’t given it the green light. As it is, Israel, like the United States at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, created a nuclear incident and endangered world peace in 1980 when it violated the UN charter by destroying an Iraqi nuclear reactor.

      Hamas does not regard Israel’s government as legitimate. No new government can in fact activate religious intolerance when the religion that’s being intolerant is in the demographic minority without expecting the majority to react.

      Of the countries you have listed, ONLY Saudi Arabia has anything like a Law of Return, that is a law recognizing and favoriting a religious group, and in Saudi that group is not a privileged minority. The other countries have significant non-Islamic minorities which are seldom foregrounded in the Western press.

      If a country has a religious majority that unlike the Christians of Europe are largely serious about their faith, then self-determination implies their right to “establish” that faith while extending tolerance to members of other faiths, something that the Qu’ran recommends and which Islamic societies have usually provided.

      For example, Tariq Azis, the foreign minister of Iraq under Saddam Hussein, was and is a Christian, and this was covered up by Western journalists…who, the record now shows, overrelied on a small number of Israel firms for their information on Iraq and for “translations” of statements by Iraqi, and other Islamic, leaders which distorted the message. This practice continues with regards to the translation of Iranian statements and interpretation of Iranian intent.

      I suggest you clowns stop vandalizing Marcie’s blog with your uninformed comments.

  22. And your remark, spinoza, that Israel “is not a country, it’s a country club which only reluctantly admits non-Jews to membership” is itself a bigoted rant. Israel is the one country among 190 that is Jewish. When all other countries surrender their religious identity, let’s talk.

    1. Israel cannot have its cake and eat it too. It wishes to be regarded as democratic, but, like an Islamic country, it Constitutionally privileges one religion.

      Western European countries do this only in a vestigial sense. Britain’s established church is mere mummery because its monarch is without constitutional power. Germany pragmatically recognizes its people as being mostly Catholic or Protestant based on the Peace of Westphalia. But neither country, in privileging Catholics, Protestants, or Church of England members in a political sense through a Law of Return, indirectly tells other faiths that their welcome is reluctant or (in the case of Likud’s expressed attitude towards Arabs who’ve lived in Israeli-held territory for centuries) to be withheld conditional on a loyalty oath.

      It would be a tragedy if a Palestine replaced Israel, and that Palestine established the religion of Islam. But note that this wasn’t a possibility up until the 1980s, when Israeli and settler excesses created the resurgence of Islamic fundamentalism.

  23. Right on, aleynu! it is so interesting that all these pro-Palestinian blogs always avoid the facts on the ground that don’t conform to their view. When Israel pulled out of Gaza, it left behind working agricultural greenhouses valued at millions of dollars and which were producing for the Jews who were living there a decent standard of living. What did the Palestinians do with those greenhouses?
    They destroyed them. What a self-destructive act. Why? Because the hatred exceeds the possibility of rapprochement. The Palestinians – not all but a very substantial number -evidently would rather harm their own populace than concede that what the Jews have brought to the Middle East could in any way be positive. Think of what that says about the Palestinian mentality. Every accomplishment by the Jews is seen by the Palestinians as humiliation. Humiliation is the mantra: the security barrier, the technological advances, the free press and working court system. With all the international aid sent to Palestine, there is still such abject poverty. What’s happened to all those billions?

    1. Wow, greenhouses. Hey, Louie, what about bombing universities, hospitals, and police stations with high tech weaponry from the air?

  24. Louie, I find the fact you infer that the so called ‘security barrier’ as being a ‘Jewish accomplishment’ as quite strange. How can the wall and all the wall brings be anything but humiliation for the Palestinian people?

  25. Alenyu,

    Let’s take a step back, and look at how the Native Americans have been treated. Well, they were massacred, oppressed, pushed off their land and squeezed into bits of land. Obviously in these strips of land they allowed no American to bunk in their homes, nor did they Indians go intertwine and live with the Americans in their homes. That was over two centuries ago. Now, they live on reservations which Americans are not allowed to step foot on, in order to reserve their culture and to compensate for the damage that we have done in claiming the land underneath their foot. This is very much parallel to what is happening in Israel and Palestine, although I believe that the Palestinians and Israelis are modernized enough (hopefully) to understand that both sides are human, and no one is superior to the other. You make a great point about how Palestinians should be able to live in Israel, but Israelis cannot live in Palestine. I’ve never thought of that. But let’s look at the concequences of that statement: If Israelis…Okay, let’s look at the West Bank. Israel still siezes Palestinian land, and builds Israeli settlements which are illegal, on them. This is continiously happening, to the point that many political leaders in America, including Biden and Bush, have condemned. That is colinization. However, one can point out the Palestinians in Israel, and how they are on their way of out-populating Israel. People are already suggesting in the future that a Palestinian official will be elected because there will be more Arab Israelis than Israelis in Israel. So how can two states coexist if there’s the constant problem, and threat, of colianization? (Mind my spelling) My personal suggestion would be that there be a certain amount of land dedicated to Israelis or Palestinians in the other’s land. Even this could produce many problems, but it’s just a scarce idea.

    Also, to shatter this whole peaceful mood I’ve set up, I’ll point out that more 3 year olds–Or, kids in general, have been killed on the Palestinian side as opposed to Israeli children, so your argument is poor if you’re going to romantize a three year old Israeli todler. Everything that happens to Israelis, whether it be casualties or injuries are multiplied for the Palestinians. That includes the pain, the sorrow, and the trauma on the Palestinians for the greater amount of 3-year-olds killed by Israelis.


    I have read many blogs, and I have to admit that yours never ceases to amaze me. Not only are you a great journalist, but you’re an opinionated one, and considering most of us reading this is not from Palestine it is dire that we get the perspective of a Palestinian, especially one we can relate to–An American. Everyday I learn something new–And then I tell people I know, they tell people, and soon the word just spreads and spreads like an epidemic of knowledge and clarity. It is people like you that make a difference in this world, and I cannot express my thanks to you. I encourage you to keep up the good work, and keep us updated!

    P.S. I’ve gained a greater respect for MIA from your previous posts, and I’ve bought a few of her songs. Thanks!

    1. thanks so much for your comments, dina. to be honest there are so many days when i just feel like stopping. i feel like blogging about the subjects i write about means being repetitive. and it gets old. repeating the same story, maybe different place, but the same basic thing. and yet people still don’t get it. it is very frustrating. just for clarification–i’m not a journalist, just a blogger and a literature professor. and i’m happy that i turned someone on to mia!

  26. haha cool tattoo! it looks like the guys is losing his balance and gonna fall into the glass 🙂

  27. You are a shining example of how we, as Arabs living outside of the Middle East, can truly make a difference if we try. Love the blog, keep up the great great work!

  28. interesting to see americans getting emotional over individual politicians and their inclinations. You people tend to be overinvolved with the individual & his/her motivations and motives.
    Be it Obama, Emanuel or Clinton: their personal biases will always be subordinate to the greater works of cultural-economic forces. The works of large groups that do not operate out there, in the open.
    The so-called interests of the US are chained to Israeli interests. I predict that Obama’s credibility is going to crumble under the weight of this chain.
    Only Iran at present is in the position to shift the balances in the Middle-East stalemate. Not that I am an advocate of their agenda, far from it. Yet something will have to happen, even if it s for the worse in the short or mid-term.

  29. I agree with you in much of what you are saying and disagree with you in some detail, but I must register my respect for your great great effort and let me tell you that you do not blogger, but much more because you have a message that the all failed to send it and you success to do it, I’m working as director of an NGO working in Israeli-Palestinian conflict and this conflict has its local, regional,international, religious and historical rootsand it has a significance lies not only be discussed in the context of one, but we encouraged as a Palestinians to remain steadfast and always kept hoping to end the occupationbecuase we have friends like you in all over the world which they believe of our rights, and I hope to meet you in the West Bank because There is much to be say at the meeting
    With all due respect and appreciation

  30. Schapoo Marcy Newman !!! I’m too for the annihilation of all Jews around the world. Thank you for Jew-hating so beautifully and your kind efforts to help us in Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon to execute that Jewish rat that poisoning the Islamic purity!!!!
    Yerachmu Allah !!!
    Shukran Ya Marcy !!!!

    1. today i got a mail form this site, a posting by a certain MishMash
      I far from appreciate the content Annihilation of jews around the world has noting to do with the palestinian liberation cause.
      Could I be taken from the mailing list if this sort of a thing is allowed on this site,

      I advocate freedom for all oppressed people, and if there are jews amongst them the last thing what we want is their socalled annihilation. And there is also no reason to annihilate free people including jews as long as they do no harm to others nor have the intention to do so.

      I appreciate yr consideration for my position. Long live the palestinian people.

    2. as a Palestinian who was kicked out of his home and his peace of land was given to a Russian “jew” settler…… I totally disagree with you, mishmash… Your words are racist against the jews … I can tell you that there are Palestinian jews and Iraqi jews whom I feel like my brothers and sisters Shall I give you Naeim Giladi – http://www.bintjbeil.com/E/occupation/ameu_iraqjews.html – to see that you are not only racist but also a dam stupid fool…

      You shouldnt mix in anyway jews with the colonizer zionists… there are jews who are far better than a lot of the American-supported “Palestinians” of Fayyad and his alike…
      have a look @ http://www.onepalestine.org to see how wrong you are

  31. Great work Marcy… I feel we are identical but you are so far ahead in your eloquent style of intense, informative posts…
    Thank you dear… with the hope to meet one day !!

  32. Great blogsite Marcy…. I feel we are identical though you are far ahead with your eloquent style of intensely informative posts.
    Thank you dear…. with the hope to meet one day.

  33. You’re interested in Palestinian nationalism, not human rights. Though I doubt you will succumb to common sense at any point in your life, I hope at least your children will acknowledge that Israelis exist in the millions and will not ever be dispatched. Obviously you’ve constructed your entire sense of identity around this lost cause, but I encourage you to remember that your sense of honor comes at the expense of all the refugees in camps, who will suffer forever because of hardliners like you. Peace, true peace, is not possible with your way of thinking. Pretty much everyone studying this conflict at my law school believes this…

  34. Dear Marcy, I’m writing to you from The Freedom Theatre in Jenin. We’re of course happy to be included in your link list, only the link is wrong, it goes to a page that doesn’t exist. Please could you change it to http://www.thefreedomtheatre.org. Thank you!
    Best wishes, Johanna Wallin, Communications officer at The Freedom Theatre

  35. how can i contact you?
    am making a research about the lady with the shoes in her hand from Beit Sahour

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