fighting the war on terror; israeli terrorism, that is.

of course, i don’t trust israelis in general, but today i am finding myself trying to make something of their new rhetoric. could it be their jewish supremacy? their idea that they are superior to all other people? first, olmert finally calls it like it is and names illegal israeli settler violence a “pogrom”:

Ehud Olmert, the Israeli prime minister, has likened a rampage by armed Jewish settlers in a Palestinian village to a “pogrom” and said Israel would not tolerate such attacks in the occupied West Bank.

“In the state of Israel, there will be no pogroms against non-Jews,” Olmert said at the start of a weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday.

of course admitting that this is a daily phenomenon or that israeli terrorist forces are equally responsible for this phenomenon, or participate in, or ar complicit in, or all of the above, was not mentioned by olmert. although there was another article this week in an israeli newspaper that called itself the “danger of jewish terror.” unfortunately, this guy also misses the point and does not see that it is a systemic practice that is institutionalized that all israelis participate in on some level. the violent episode of jewish terrorism that was referred to in the above articles is described here:

Israel expressed outrage on Sunday after a mob of Jewish settlers rampaged through a Palestinian village in the West Bank to avenge the stabbing of a nine-year-old boy in a nearby settlement….

Local rights groups have long accused Israeli forces of failing to combat settler violence against Palestinians, especially around Yitzhar and other hardline settlements that surround the northern West Bank town of Nablus.

“The violence against the villagers in Asira al-Qibliya is just one case among hundreds of attacks against the Palestinians,” a spokesman for the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem told AFP.

“The settlers have virtual immunity. Even if they are arrested they are rarely prosecuted, and even when they are prosecuted they are given ridiculously light sentences.”

The Palestinians have repeatedly said the settlements themselves — built contrary to international law on land occupied by Israel in the 1967 war — are the greatest obstacle to the Middle East peace process.

Ghassan Daghlas, head of village affairs in the Nablus governorate, said settler violence grows worse every year, peaking during the autumn olive-picking season when farmers are targeted.

this village is not far from where i live, in nablus. olive harvest will begin in a few weeks and if it is anything like when i came to the village of yanoun a few of years ago to help pick olives we will indeed see an increase of poisoned and burned trees not to mention harvesters shot.

but here is another form of jewish supremacy. not one that is based on violence per se; nor one that is based on proclaiming that somehow jews are more moral than other people, when clearly they are far less moral. rather, here is one based on the transparent idea that somehow jews are just worth more than non-jews–the title alone says it all: “One Israeli is worth thousands of gentiles,” but so does the story:

There are countries that promise a computer for every child or a car for every employee. Israel, which as we well know is blessed with giant open spaces, promises a hill for every resident, and even upholds this promise. In this way, the settlers across the Green Line have the privilege of living on any hill they wish, and inside the Green Line, hills are dished out with generosity to individual farmers and religious settlement groups around Wadi Ara and the Jerusalem Hills.

just to be clear, the line i emphasized above was done to highlight the duplicity in which she makes it appear as if any “resident” can live in any “open space,” when in reality it is only the jews who may live wherever they wish in palestine, on palestinian land, in palestinian homes, using palestinian furniture. jonathan cook gives us a far more realistic idea of what is happening with respect who it is who is really being evicted from their lands, from their homes in side 1948 palestine:

Mr Khimayl, however, like hundreds of other families in the Arab neighbourhoods of Ajami and Jabaliya, is up to his eyes in debt and trapped in a world of bureaucratic regulations apparently designed with only one end in mind: his eviction from Jaffa.

Sitting on the cafe’s balcony, Mr Khimayl, 59, said he feels besieged. Bulldozers are tearing up the land by the beach for redevelopment and luxury apartments are springing up all around his dilapidated two-storey home.

He opened a briefcase, one of five he has stuffed with demands and fines from official bodies, as well as bills from four lawyers dealing with the flood of paperwork.

“I owe 1.8 million shekels [Dh1.8m] in water and business rates alone,” he said in exasperation. “The crazy thing is the municipality recently valued the property and told me it’s worth much less than the sum I owe.”

Jaffa is one of half a dozen “mixed cities” in Israel, where Jewish and Palestinian citizens supposedly live together. The rest of Israel’s Palestinian minority, relatives of the Palestinians in the occupied territories, live in their own separate and deprived communities.

Despite the image of coexistence cultivated by the Israeli authorities, Jaffa is far from offering a shared space for Jews and Palestinians, according to Sami Shehadeh of the Popular Committee for the Defence of Jaffa’s Homes. Instead, Palestinian residents live in their own largely segregated neighbourhoods, especially Ajami, the city’s poorest district.

while palestinians continue to be ethnically cleansed, now the zionist state is looking for a quick scheme to pretend as if it is going to evacuate the illegal settlements inside the west bank. of course, israelis never take responsibility for their theft, murder, and destruction. therefore, if their scheme of buying economic settlers out of the west bank works (in which case we’ll be left with the worst ideological nut cases running around creating pogroms as in the first article quoted above) then it will be american and european tax payers who will be paying the price:

Israel has been exploring the possibility that the European Union and the US will put up some of the funds required for the implementation of the evacuation-compensation bill, should it mature into an act.

The cabinet held a heated debate on the motion on Sunday, but Ynet has learned that none of the party heads have actually been briefed on the bill, nor has the cabinet been presented with details as to its funding.

Both Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Vice Premier Haim Ramon want to see the evacuation-compensation motion pushed through. Ramon presented the cabinet with the motion’s outline during its Sunday meeting, according to which settlers who will agree to voluntarily leave their West Bank homes, east of the separation fence, will be eligible for up to NIS 1.1 million (about $305,640) each in restitution funds.

i wonder how hard it would be, given the way that even olmert admits that illegal israeli settlers participate in pogroms now, if only in one utterance, that we can by extension get the europeans and americans to see that by paying these criminals money to move their houses–which of course would be a continued theft of palestinian land–is a kind of funding of terrorists; they are jewish terrorists (of course it was jews who brought terrorism to the region in the first place–irgun, stern gang, hagana, palmach, etc.). therefore, i think that those who fund their removal–unless it’s to europe where they came from–they should have to pay a price and be prosecuted under these ridiculous anti-terrorism laws.


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