McGraw-Hill Destroys Books in Response to an Anti-Palestinian Campaign

MLA Members for Justice in Palestine

Rania Khalek’s recent article for Electronic Intifada reports on the decision of McGraw-Hill to burn the textbook titled Global Politics: Engaging A Complex World because pro-Israeli groups campaigned against the inclusion of a widely-circulated image (see graphic below) of Palestine loss of land. The maps in the image illustrate Israel’s aggressive expropriation of Palestinian land from 1946 until 2000. Inside Higher Ed also reported on the decision to destroy the books because the publisher came under political pressure of Zionists who challenged the accuracy of the maps. Khalek’s article shows how the erasure of Palestinians from their historic homeland is also subject to narrative erasure as publishers cave to pro-Israeli interest groups, who seek to conceal Zionist expansionism. She also draws attention to the nefarious alignment of pro-Israeli and racist and Islamphobic pundits and bloggers, who have sought to frame Palestinian resistance in terms of Islamist militancy by denying the…

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