complicity with israeli terrorism; or, why we need to support gaza resistance

the death toll has risen in gaza yet again. there are now 786 martyrs. over 3,162 wounded. 257 of these martyrs are children. al jazeera reported that the death toll is rising, in part, because during the so-called “lull” today palestinians went out and searched for the dead. and new war crimes out of the same play book israeli terrorists have used in palestine and lebanon in the past. there are now 15,000 palestinians who have become internally displaced people (idps) (though i do not know how many of these idps were already refugees). 7 houses were demolished by israeli terrorists over night. 21 medics have been murdered. israeli terrorists systematically demolished palestinian homes along the so-called border between gaza and 1948 palestine, which is occupied by israeli terrorists. the intensity of the bombing has increased. and so have the piles of international outcry, all of which have done nothing. this is yet another reason to rethink our responses and organize to support palestinian resistance as safa joudeh offers us an important example of how palestinian resistance fighters in gaza are united, an important model and reminder of how the rest of us should be united–behind the resistance, supporting the resistance in whatever way we can:

The Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades of The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the al-Quds Brigades of the Islamic Jihad movement, The Izzedin al-Qassam brigades of Hamas, the Salah al-Din Brigades of the Popular Resistance Committees, the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades of Fatah have all come together as one united front and at a high, almost affirmed risk of peril, are out protecting our streets and our homes, ready to die if that means preventing the death of one more helpless child. We are united and we have accepted our fate recurrently, but the people of Gaza — almost 80 percent of them refugees — will not be massacred and displaced yet again by people from the outside guided by tyranny and greed.

There are estimations out there as to the collective count of the united military resistance fighters from the Palestinian factions, the number is thought to be a few thousand. The Israeli troops within and around Gaza at this moment are approximately 33,000, with more reservists being called in within the next day. The disparity is not only in troop numbers, however. The Israeli forces are supported by the Israeli navy and the Israeli air force. The ground forces include artillery, tanks, engineering forces and intelligence agency support. The Israeli soldiers are equipped with the most modern weaponry and intelligence devices.

Palestinian fighters, on the other hand, have to make do with their homemade projectiles and a bare minimum of basic weaponry in order to defend themselves and their people against the Israeli military might.

At the moment, and in the midst of the aggression, it is hard to make sense of the current situation or make future predictions. It’s hard to come to grips with the numbers and the extent of our losses. It’s hard even to remember a time when basic necessities such as food, water, warmth and daylight weren’t a luxury. At this point, bare human instinct is at work — the need to protect your loved ones, the need to ensure shelter and the instinct of fight or flight. We have fled for too long, Gaza is our last refuge and our home after we were displaced from what is now called Israel. All this happened 60 years ago. What more could they want? We have nowhere left to go. They have disregarded every single international law there is. Now is the time to defend ourselves, now is the time for resistance.

and here is an update on the situation in gaza on day 13 of this israeli terrorist assault on gaza and why resistance should be more necessary than the bread we may or may not have to eat:

here are some of the many reasons over the past two days that show us why resistance is important. why we must take seize power and allow palestinians and lebanese to control their own destiny rather than always look to the white man, to the global north for their approval, acceptance, support which will never come. consider, for instance, the international committee of the red cross that has now joined its voice to the global outrage, to no avail:

Four exhausted children have been discovered cowering in a house next to the bodies of their mothers by staff of the International Committee of the Red Cross, which today accused the Israeli military of “unacceptable” delays in allowing medics safe access to injured Gazans.

The Red Cross workers found the small children, who were so weak they could not stand, sheltering next to the bodies of their mothers in a house in Zeitoun, southeast of Gaza City. Another man was found alive, but again too weak to stand. At least 12 bodies were lying on mattresses.

In another house nearby they found 15 survivors, several of whom were wounded. There were three more bodies in a third house. On Wednesday, a Palestinian volunteer with the Red Crescent who was in the same convoy described seeing dozens of dead bodies. Among those killed when the houses were shelled on Monday were three small boys, all from the Samouni family.

The Red Cross said Israeli soldiers were posted just 80 metres away and had several positions nearby, including two tanks.

It was a “shocking incident,” said Pierre Wettach, head of the Red Cross delegation for Israel and the Palestinian territories. “The Israeli military must have been aware of the situation but did not assist the wounded. Neither did they make it possible for us or the Palestine Red Crescent to assist the wounded,” he said.

The Red Cross had been asking the Israeli military to allow them access to Zeitoun since Israel’s ground invasion began on Saturday, but only a three-hour lull in the fighting on Wednesday allowed them to make the dangerous journey.

The Red Cross said Israel had breached international humanitarian law by not allowing access to the wounded and said it “considers the delay in allowing rescue services access unacceptable”.

of the dead and injured al mezan is documenting these developments, but of course we don’t have all the names of the martyred yet. nevertheless as they come i will write their names. i refuse to allow their names to become merely numbers:

1. North Gaza District: At approximately 11:45am yesterday, Wednesday, 7 January 2009, IOF fired artillery shells at the Ezbet Abed-Rabu eastern Jabaliya, destroying the house and killing three child sisters. They were identified as:

* Three-year-old Amal Khalid Abed-Rabu;
* Four-year-old Samar Khalid Abed-Rabu; and
* Seven-year-old Suad Khalid Abed-Rabu.

At the same time, IOF troops opened fire at an ambulance in the same neighborhood when its crew was trying to collect the body of a civilian, 42-year-old Samir Rashid Mohammed. Yesterday, medical sources announced the death of six people who had been injured previously in north Gaza, including two children, an old man and two women. They were identified as:

* 15-year-old Adham Ismail Matar;
* 16-year-old Islam Abdul-Dayim;
* 20-year-old Ahmad Ijneed;
* 21-year-old Ibrahim Salman;
* 23-year-old Wafa Abu Jarad; and
* 87-year-old Mohammed Abu Rukba.

Moreover, medical teams found the dead bodies of two men and a woman:

* 31-year-old Wojoud Rajab Abu Darabee;
* 55-year-old Mohammed Ali al-Sultan; and
* Musbah Ayioub,
whose age has not yet been verified.

At approximately 4:40pm on Wednesday, Israeli aircrafts raided the house of Jasser al-Batsh in Jabaliya, destroying it and injuring one person.

At approximately 6pm yesterday, also Wednesday, Israeli aircrafts fired a missile at a civilian car, killing five people: the driver, his three children and a relative. They were identified as:

* 44-year-old Khalid Ismail al-Kahlout;
* 15-year-old Mohammed Khalid al-Kahlout;
* 12-year-old Habeeb Khalid Al-Kahlout (who was handicapped);
* 10-year-old Tawfeek Khalid al-Kahlout; and
* 20-year-old Hassan Khalil al-Kahlout.

Two other passersby were injured in this attack. Al Mezan’s investigations indicated that al-Kahlout was going to buy bread for his family.

Later, at approximately 7:40pm on Wednesday, IOF stopped an ambulance that belongs to al-Falah Charity in Ezbet Abed-Rabu and confiscated it. IOF also shelled the Sheikh Zayid apartment compound at 9:15pm, causing damage to numerous apartments and forced its residents to evacuate their homes.

At approximately 8pm yesterday, also Wednesday, Israeli aircrafts fired missiles at the house of 42-year-old Taysir Mohammed Zomlut, killing him, his 10-year-old son, Mohammed, and his mother, 88-year-old Khadeeja. The house was destroyed completely and two neighboring houses were damaged.

At approximately 12:05am today, Thursday 8 January 2009, Israeli aircraft raided the house of Mahmoud Rwishid, which is located in the middle of Jabaliya refugee camp. The house and five neighboring houses were completely destroyed. Israeli aircraft also raided six houses in Jabaliya and Beit Lahia between 12:05am and 12:50pm today. As a result, the six houses and 11 other houses were completely destroyed. Another 26 houses were severely damaged. IOF also raided the Anan Mosque in Jabalia and destroyed it. Eighteen people were injured as a result of the bombardment of these houses.

At approximately 9:30pm today, the IOF fired missiles into a crowd near the Kamal Udwan Hospital in Beit Lahia, killing three passersby and injuring two. The victims were identified as:

* 25-year-old Mohammed al-Hindi;
* 24-year-old Anwar Jaber Abu Salem; and
* 27-year-old Abdul-Nasser Odeh.

At 10:50am today, medical teams found the body of 30-year-old Bassam Shaban Kouta in the vicinity of Erez Crossing. The victim was a driver at UNRWA [the United Nations agency for Palestine refugees] and was killed from IOF fire as he was on his way to lift humanitarian aid. Two hours later, IOF artillery shelling of the Sheikh Zayid apartment compound killed a five-year-old girl, Basma Yasser al-Jilawi.

2. Gaza City District:

Al-Shifa Hospital has continued to receive the bodies of people killed as a result of the ongoing Israeli attacks. Some of those were collected a few days after they were killed. Others died of their injuries some days later.

At approximately 1:20pm, on 7 January 2009, the bodies of 12-year-old Radwan Mohammed Ashour and his 11-year-old brother Abdul-Rahman were admitted at al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. The two brothers were killed while in their house at approximately 8am on the same day as a result of IOF artillery shelling close to their house in al-Zeitoun neighborhood, in eastern Gaza City. The bodies of following people were also received at the hospital on the same day:

* 21-year-old Ahmed Hasan Abu Zour;
* 20-year-old Ahmed Salah Mousa;
* 20-year-old Azmi Diab;
* 21-year-old Majed Sobhi Moshtaha; and
* 20-year-old Alaa Masoud Arafat.

At approximately 11:50pm, on the same day, medical sources at al-Quds Hospital announced the death of 16-year-old Mohammed Samir Hajji as a result of injuries he had sustained on 12 December 2008.

In the late hours of the same day, IOF aircraft raided and completely destroyed the al-Taqwa and the al-Nour al-Mohammadi mosques which are located in Sheikh Radwan neighborhood in Gaza City.

At approximately 2am, on 8 January 2008, IOF aircrafts bombarded the two-story house of 52-year-old Mohmoud Mohammed al-Huwwari, in al-Zeitoun neighborhood. The attack destroyed the targeted house and the house of Khader Rajab completely, and caused damages to four nearby houses. The attack also killed 22-year-old Omar Khader Rajab, and injured six others.

At approximately 2am, on the same day, the corpse of a 50-year-old woman, Fadwa Khalil Kheil, was admitted at al-Shifa Hospital. She was blown to pieces as a result of the IOF artillery shelling that targeted her house in al-Zeitoun neighborhood on 5 January 2009.

At approximately 3am that same day, medial sources at al-Shifa Hospital announced the death of seven-year-old Ahmed Jaber Huweij from wounds he had sustained on 27 December 2008 following IOF shelling that targeted the house of Hmeid’s family. Jaber’s father and two of his brothers were killed in the same attack.

At the same time, the body of 42-year-old Hatem Waleed Ghazal was also admitted at al-Shifa hospital. He was killed by a live bullet fired by IOF sniper in Yafa Street in al-Tuffah neighborhood, in eastern Gaza City.

At approximately 6am, on the same day, medical sources at al-Quds Hospital announced the death of a 30-year-old woman, Rawia Rajan Awad, as a result of injuries she had sustained earlier. Moreover, medical sources announced the death of 14-year-old Aed Ammar Kheira from wounds he had sustained on 4 January 2009.

3. Middle Gaza District: At approximately 7pm yesterday Wednesday, 7 January 2009, Israeli aircraft raided a blacksmith workshop owned by Mahmoud al-Taweel in the al-Bureij refugee camp. The workshop was completely destroyed.

Thirty minutes later, Israeli aircraft raided a house and a blacksmith workshop owned by Abdul-Hamid Fadil, also in al-Bureij refugee camp. The four-story house, the workshop and three neighboring houses were completely destroyed. Another 10 houses were damaged. Moreover, two men were killed in the attack. They were identified as:

* 27-year-old Hammam Mohammed Issa; and
* 22-year-old Ahmed Yousef Hussein.

At approximately 8pm on Wednesday, Israeli aircraft raided the house of Abdul-Raziq al-Nadi. Three heavy missiles destroyed the two-story house, which was inhabited by 20 people.

At approximately 8:55pm Wednesday, Israeli aircrafts raided the police station and the neighboring municipality building, destroying them and three other houses completely. Several other houses and an non-governmental organization office were also damaged.

4. Khan Younis District:

At approximately 11pm, on 7 January 2009, IOF aircrafts targeted a group of youths who were near al-Tatouri factory in al-Amal neighborhood, west of Khan Younis, killing 22-year-old Salem Hmeid Abu Mousa, 22-year-old Hassan Rateb Saman and injuring other bystanders.

At approximately 11:50pm, on the same day, IOF aircrafts bombarded the police station which is located on Salah al-Din Street in Maan area, east of Khan Younis, destroying it completely. At approximately 4:30pm that same day, IOF aircraft bombarded the police station in Bani Suhaila destroying it completely.

At approximately 1:15, on 8 January 2009, the IOF penetrated the vicinity of Abu al-Alaa al-Maary School in northeast al-Qarara town, northeast of Khan Younis, and opened gunfire and missiles at agricultural and open areas. The shelling resulted in the killing of 60-year-old Atwi Awwad Abu Nazeef.

At approximately 12pm, on the same day, IOF aircraft raided a group of women, killing 22-year-old Maather Mohammed Hmeid, and 32-year-old Faten Sneid. The death toll in Khan Younis district between 1pm yesterday and 1pm today reached has reached five, including two women.

5. Rafah District:

At approximately 9:50pm, on 7 January 2009, IOF aircraft fired two missiles at the three-story house of Ahmed Mohsen Hasan Fuju, which is located in al-Jnina neighborhood in Rafah, destroying it completely. The house was inhabited by four families, a total of 20 persons. The attack also destroyed totally the adjacent two-story house of Hmeid Mohammed Mohsen Fuju, which was inhabited by three families, a total of 11 persons.

The number of people killed in Rafah since the beginning of the Israeli operation till 7 January 2009 has reached 39, including 13 children and a woman, while the number of people injured has reached 320, including 203 men, 61 women, and 65 children.

here is al mezan’s report from yesterday naming the martyrs and giving us context for their brutal murders by israeli terrorists using their american-made weapons:

At approximately 3:15pm Monday, IOF artillery hit the house of the al-Jatali family, which is located near Erez Crossing. The father, 35-year-old Mousa Mohammed al-Jatali, was killed immediately in the house. His three sons, Islam (nine); Hamza (four); and Abdul-Rahma (two), were injured.

In the northern Gaza town of Beit Lahia, Israeli tanks opened fire at two Palestine Red Crescent Society ambulances at approximately 5:30pm, also on Monday. The two ambulances, which were on their way to collect injured and killed people in the al-Atatra area, were damaged by the shelling, despite their coordination with the IOF through the International Committee of the Red Cross.

At approximately 8pm on Monday, Israeli aircrafts raided the house of Mahmoud Yousef Lubad in Block 12 in Jabaliya refugee camp, destroying it completely and causing damage to six houses. Forty-year-old Basil Abu Ghaben was killed. His body was found under the rubble in the morning.

At approximately 11:30pm on Monday, Israeli aircrafts raided the house of Fuad Mansour in Block 12 in Jabaliya refugee camp, destroying it completely and killing an old women, Khadija Zomlut, 70. Two children and one woman were also injured: Hilmi Zomlut, one years old, his brother Mohammed (15) and Nisreen Zomlut (30).

Ten minutes later, the IOF fired about 30 artillery shells towards the al-Jama neighborhood in the east of Jabaliya, destroying ten homes, injuring one person and forcing about 100 of the residents to evacuate their homes.

At approximately 12:30am Tuesday, 6 January 2009, Israeli aircraft raided the house of Abdullah Kadoura Salih in Block Six in Jabaliya refugee camp, destroying it completely and killing four of its residents. They were identified as:

* 12-year-old girl Raneen Kadoura Salih;
* 55-year-old Abdullah Salih;
* 45-year-old Mahzyia Salih; and
* 21-year-old Samia Salih.

Ten of the house’s residents were also injured in the attack, including three children.

At approximately 12:40am on Tuesday, Israeli aircrafts raided the house of Hatim Wadi in Jabaliya camp, destroying it and damaging four houses around it. Two people were killed in this raid:

* 33-year-old Hamdi Hammad; and
* 50-year-old Ismail Abu Nasser.

Twenty others were also injured in the attack.

At approximately 4:37am Tuesday, Israeli aircrafts raided the house of Manar al-Kurdi in Block Two of Jabaliya camp, destroying it and killing two of its residents; a child and an old woman:

* Three-year-old Adam Mamoun al-Kurdi; and
* 60-year-old Hajar Ismail Insiwi.

Four others were injured, including a child. The same house was raided again, just as ambulance crews arrived at the scene, injuring 10 rescue workers.

Also on Tuesday, Israeli aircrafts raided the house of Kamal al-Kahlout in Jabaliya camp, destroying it and killing a child: 17-year-old Huzayfa al-Kahlout.

At approximately 8am, an IOF drone bombarded a car, injuring 24-year-old Emad Mohammed Shalak and 21-year-old Tariq Farajallah, and the driver 24-year-old Jalal Afana, whose leg was later amputated.

In Gaza City, IOF has launched numerous attacks on houses, destroying many of their residents. Al Mezan has not been able to verify the consequences of each attack in these areas; however, killed and injured people continue to arrive at al-Shifa Hospital. Al Mezan has received many reports about civilians who were killed under the rubble of their homes. Al Mezan has verified the following attacks and casualties in Gaza City:

At approximately 12:50pm yesterday, Monday 5 January 2009, IOF artillery targeted the house of al-Milh in the east of al-Zeitoun neighborhood, killing two women and causing several casualties. The two women were identified as:

* 80-year-old Khadra al-Milh; and
* 25-year-old Lobna al-Milh

About two hours later, IOF artillery hit the house of Nafez Eliwa in al-Shejaiyeh neighborhood, killing a mother and four of her children. The victims were identified as:

* The mother, 37-year-old Amal Zaki Eliwa;
* Muntaser Eliwa;
* Hazem Eliwa;
* Mumen Eliwa;

* The fourth child, a girl, has not yet been identified; however, Al Mezan knew that the children were under the age of 15.

At approximately 2:20pm, on 5 January 2009, the IOF fired artillery shells at the house of the al-Sirsawi family in eastern al-Zeitoun neighborhood, destroying it completely while its inhabitants were inside it. Five-year-old Ayia al-Sirsawi was killed in the attack. According to eyewitnesses, more family members are still under the rubble of their house.

At approximately 2:15pm, on the same day, the IOF fired artillery at the house of the Allaw family, which is located in al-Tuffah neighborhood of eastern Gaza City, killing 12-year-old Mohammed Talal Allaw, and his 11-year-old brother Momen while they were playing on the roof of their house.

At approximately 1:30pm, on the same day, the IOF shelled also the house of the al-Harazeen family in az-Zeitoun neighborhood, eastern Gaza City, with artillery, killing 20-year-old Alaa Ibrahim al-Harazeen, and 21-year-old Ahmed Fathi al-Harazeen. Eye witnesses reported to Al Mezan that there were still victims under the rubble of the house.

At approximately 5:30pm that same day, the IOF opened fire randomly at houses in al-Zeitoun neighborhood during an incursion of a special force into the neighborhood. The shooting killed 15-year-old Hanadi Basem Khalifa with a live bullet to her head.

At approximately 6:10pm, IOF aircrafts hit one of al-Saada towers (apartment-building compound) in Tel al-Hawa neighborhood, south of Gaza City, killing 50-year-old Fayiz Yousif Hasan, while he was in his house close to the tower, and injuring two others.

Further, at approximately 11pm, the IOF launched eight air raids at the al-Saraya security compound in central Gaza City. The compound includes Gaza Central Prison and security apparatuses. The attacks destroyed the compound completely and caused severe damages to neighboring houses. Several residents of the areas were injured.

At approximately 12am, on 6 January 2009, the IOF tanks shelled the house of 50-year-old Awni Abdul-Fattah Jaddou, which is located in al-Zeitoun neighborhood. The shelling killed three of Jadou’s sons, and injured four others from the same family. Those killed were:

* 18-year-old Lotfi Abdul-Fattah Jadou;
* 24-year-old Ghazi Abdul-Fattah Jadou; and
* 20-year-old Hashem Abdul-Fattah Jadou.

Furthermore, IOF aircrafts raided UNRWA’s Asma School the Beach refugee camp. This school was used by UNRWA to shelter civilians who were displaced from the areas where they live in the eastern areas of Gaza City as well as the al-Atatra and al-Salatin areas in Beit Lahia town. The attack killed three youths who were identified as: 27-year-old Rawhi Jamal al-Sultan, 23-year-old Hussein Mamoud al-Sultan, and 19-year-old Abed Samir al-Sultan.

At approximately 6am on the same day, Israeli aircrafts bombarded the four-story house of 60-year-old Fayiz al-Daya, in al-Zeitoun neighborhood in Gaza City. The attack destroyed the house completely while its residents were in inside it. Eyewitnesses and survivors reported that 30 members of the al-Daya family were killed. Four bodies had been taken out from under the rubble and sent to al-Shifa Hospital at the time this release was issued. Al Mezan has also received the names of 26 other members of this family, who are believed to be under the rubble. Those who were identified are:

* 60-year-old Fayiz Mosbah al-Daya,
* 25-year-old Sabreen al-Daya;
* 34-year-old Iyad Fayiz al-Daya;
* Five-year-old Falastin Fayiz al-Daya; and
* 55-year-old Khitam al-Daya, who is the wife of the house’s owner.

In another attack, at the same time, the IOF fired artillery shells towards houses near the Abu Jebba gas station in al-Zeitoun neighborhood. The shelling killed 52-year-old Abdul-Wahab Ahmed Hasanein, while he was in his house. Twelve others were injured.

Between 1pm on 5 January 2009 and 12pm on 6 January 2009, 40 bodies were admitted to al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. Al Mezan was able to identify some of them as:

* Five-year-old Aya al-Sirsawi, from al-Zeitoun neighborhood;
* 19-year-old Mohammed Mustafa Kmeel, from al-Zeitoun neighborhood;
* 22-year-old Mohammed Al-Ghazali,
* 20-year-old Ahmed Fathi al-Nazli,
* Three-year-old Wiam Jamal al-Kafarneh, from Beit Hanoun town;
* Montasir Eleiwa, a child from al-Shejaiyia neighborhood;
* Hazem Elawa, a child from al-Shejaiyia neighborhood;
* Momen Eleiwa, a child from al-Shejaiyia neighborhood;
* Mohammed al-Khouli, from al-Tuffah neighborhood;
* 37-year-old Amal Eleiwa; from al-Shejaiyia neighborhood;
* 36-year-old Mahrous Shuheibar, from al-Zeitoun neighborhood;
* Basem Morjan, from al-Zeitoun neighborhood;
* 20-year-old Ala Ibrahim al-Harazeen, from al-Zeitoun neighborhood;
* 21-year-old Ahmed Fathi al-Harazeen, from al-Zeitoun neighborhood;
* 15-year-old Nada Mosbah Sad, from al-Tuffah neighborhood;
* Adham Moteir, from al-Tuffah neighborhood;
* Five-year-old Nada Mardi, from al-Tuffah neighborhood;
* Ramadan Fefel, from al-Tuffah neighborhood;
* 58-year-old Laila Ismail Sulaiman, from al-Tuffah neighborhood;
* Mohammed Samir Salem, from al-Tuffah neighborhood;
* 74-year-old Hassan Khalil Arafat, from al-Tuffah neighborhood;
* 80-year-old Khadra Abdul-Malek, from al-Zeitoun neighborhood;
* 15-year-old Ahmed Shaher Khteir, from Beit Lahia town;
* Nine-year-old Jihad Samir Rheim, from al-Zeitoun neighborhood;
* 12-year-old Mohammed Mahmoud Allaw, from al-Tuffah neighborhood
* 11-year-old Momen Mahoud Allaw, from al-Tuffah neighborhood;
* 80-year-old Khadra al-Milh, from al-Zeitoun neighborhood;
* 25-year-old Lubna al-Milh, from al-Zeitoun neighborhood;
* 52-year-old Abdul-Wahhab Ahmed Hasanein, from al-Zeitoun neighborhood;
* 50-year-old Fayiz Yousif Hassan, Tel al-Hawa;
* 60-year-old Fayiz Musbah al-Daya, from al-Zeitoun neighborhood;
* 55-year-old Khitam al-Daya, from al-Zeitoun neighborhood;
* 34-year-old Iyad al-Daya, from al-Zeitoun neighborhood;
* Five-year-old Filastin al-Daya, from al-Zeitoun neighborhood.

Medical sources announced the death of 47-year-old Asad Hamouda, who was injured on 4 January 2009. In addition, were a child from the Eliaw family, and another from the Sheheibar family whose names remain unknown.

In the Central Gaza district, the IOF opened artillery fire at Block Four in the al-Bureij refugee camp. At approximately 9:40pm Monday 5 January 2009, artillery shells hit the house of Jihad Ali Abu Jbara, 53, killing him, his two sons Basil (29), and Usama (21); and two children in the neighboring houses: Naji al-Hamalawi (16), and Ibrahim Akel (17). Ten other people including four children were also injured in this attack.

At approximately 10pm on the same day, Israeli aircrafts raided the police station in the town of Deir al-Balah. Israeli navy vessels shelled a crowd and houses in the town’s refugee camp at 2:30am Tuesday, killing 10 people. They were identified as:

* 21-year-old Hashim Afana;
* 27-year-old Khalil al-Hasanat;
* 20-year-old Husam Abu al-Sibah;
* 25-year-old Zyad Nassar;
* 35-year-old Ahmad al-Hasanat;
* 33-year-old Mohammed Abu Shira;
* 22-year-old Hasan Mismeh;
* 18-year-old Ala Ismail;
* 18-year-old Mohammed Eid and
* 23-year-old Mohammed al-Banna.

Al Mezan’s field worker in the Central Gaza district reported that a 22-year-old woman, Ayyat Farajallah, was injured in her chest from Israeli fire when she was at her house’s door in the Wadi Gaza village. IOF troops, who are stationed north to the nearby al-Zahraa, opened fire at the woman. Continuous shooting from these troops has forced the residents of the village to evacuate and seek safe shelters elsewhere. This woman was about to leave the village with her family when she was shot.

At approximately 12:10am Tuesday, Israeli aircraft raided the house of Salah al-Aydi in the al-Maghazi refugee camp, destroying it and injuring three civilians in the area. A 26-year-old woman, Islam Abdul-Jawwad was critically injured in this attack.

At approximately 10:30am also today, IOF fired artillery that exploded near the house of Mahmoud Abu Shaar, 27, in the Wadi al-Salqa village in central Gaza. The man was killed with his 24-year-old wife Fidaa Abu Shaar. Their infant, Tamer, who is six months old, was injured.

At approximately 1:15am today, Israeli aircraft fired two missiles that struck a garden and an open field in the al-Nuseirat refugee camp in the Central Gaza district. Several houses in the area were damaged.

At approximately 8pm yesterday, Monday 5 January 2009, Israeli aircrafts also fired a missile that landed near al-Nour Mosque in Abassan town, east of Khan Younis City in South Gaza district. It caused severe damage to the mosque and several other houses in its vicinity. Israeli aircrafts also bombarded numerous open fields close to neighborhoods in Khan Younis, causing damages to houses in the al-Amal neighborhood and the towns of Abassan and Khuzaa. Three women were injured in these raids. Moreover, Israeli naval vessels opened fire towards the al-Mawasi area in the west of Khan Younis, injuring three civilians, including two children.

At approximately 9:10am today, Israeli aircrafts raided the house of Khaled Abu Odeh in the al-Amal neighborhood, destroying it and a neighboring house completely, and causing damage to several houses in its vicinity. Five people were injured in this raid; including a cameraman of the al-Aqsa satellite channel, two children and one woman.

IOF’s artillery shells landed in eastern Abassan town at approximately 11:20am today. One shell landed near the house of Hasan Ikdeeh, killing a five-year-old child, Marwan Hasan Ikdeeh, and injuring his 13-year-old sister, Lama.

the list above is long. but it is not complete. the morgues are full and no longer have refrigerated space for the dead. those who search for the dead, who pick up the wounded–the medics–are being killed, are being targeted as this footage from al jazeera demonstrates:

these are medics like arafa hani abed al dayem who volunteered as a medic, but who was a science teacher. he was targeted and murdered by israeli terrorists. you see, medics are dangerous: they save palestinian people’s lives. equally dangerous are those who drive cars or trucks for the united nations; they are targeted by israeli terrorists as well:

Israeli troops shot and killed a United Nations truck driver in Gaza on Thursday.

Witnesses said the UNRWA driver was shot near the Kerem Shalom border crossing at the northern end of the Strip. A bystander was injured in the shooting. The attack occured two days after Israeli artillery killed 45 civilians at a UN compound in northern Gaza.

what makes it so obvious that israeli terrorists target those who work for the united nations is that the united nations shares its coordinates and whereabouts with the israeli terrorists so when they bomb such drivers, schools, clinics, and buildings they know exactly what it is they are doing:

John Ging, the head of the UN relief agency in Gaza, said that the casualties in the convoy attack were Palestinian civilian contractors hired to bring supplies from the crossing points.

“They were co-ordinating their movements with the Israelis, as they always do, only to find themselves being fired at from the ground troops,” he told Al Jazeera.

“It has resulted tragically in the death of one and the injury of two others.”

Richard Miron, the UN spokesman, said the Israeli army had been notified in advance about the movements of the UNRWA convoy.

All convoys to Erez and the Kerem Shalom, which has been the main crossing point used for bringing humanitarian supplies into Gaza, were suspended after the incident.

“This underlines the fundamental insecurity inside Gaza at a time when we are trying to address the dire humanitarian needs of the population there,” Miron said.

of course in either scenario it is the palestinians in gaza who are being punished–either they are being bombed out or they are being starved out. either way the choice is death for palestinians: the slow kind of death of hunger or the quick kind from the american-made weapons.

meanwhile the world health organization, in concert with the united nations and the icrc, condemned israeli terrorists who are compounding the crisis by besieging not only the people but also the medical facilities, the electricity…:

According to information obtained by the WHO, the ongoing Israeli air strikes, shelling and ground offensive have limited the movement of the patients and the medics to a serious level that blocked medical services and the delivery of medical supplies.

The organization stated that 21 medical personnel were killed in the Gaza Strip and that thirty other were wounded as the army did not only shell ambulances but also shelled hospitals in medical centers. The army also shelled at least eleven ambulances.

The WHO added that the number of medial governmental facilities that are still running in the Gaza Strip is 29 out of 56 centers and medical facilities.

The WHO statements focused on the following main points;

1. Gaza Strip needs urgent supplies of life-saving equipment to treat the increasing number of wounded residents.

2. Due to the ongoing bombardment and ground offensive, the movement of the patients and medical personnel is limited; evacuation of critically injured residents to hospitals outside of the Gaza Strip is prevented by Israel.

3. Hospitals in Gaza do not have enough beds in emergency rooms and admissions. Hospitals are using make-shift trauma and intensive care units and even those beds are nearing exhaustion of capacity. “There have been reports of injured people lying on the ground in health facilities”.

4. Health workers are working around the clock since Israel started bombarding Gaza on December 27. They are very exhausted and need urgent replacements to be able to provide live-saving services to the critically injured residents.

5. Power failures are affecting the medical services, hospitals have to use generators, including some hospitals that use generators around the clock, main supplies are cut, medical supplies are running out, power failures have negative effects on infection control, blood transfusion, instruments used for sterilization, basic sanitation and hygiene in hospitals, operating theatres and intensive care units. The hospitals are also expecting a dangerous increase of life-threatening hospital-borne infections “such as gangrene, septicemia, tetanus, etc.) and complications (such as shock) can also be expected”. The statement reads.

and while the world protests and demands a cessation to the israeli terrorist bombardment of gaza, the united states continues to arm the zionist entity with weapons to murder palestinians in gaza using greece (add them to the list of who is complicit please):

As the Israeli military continues to pound the crowded, impoverished and imprisoned population of the Gaza Strip with the full force of its military might, Israel’s strongest ally, the United States, announced plans to ship large amounts of ammunition to the Israeli forces – as it did during Israel’s 2006 invasion of Lebanon, when the Israelis ran out of (internationally-banned) cluster bombs, and the US shipped them tens of thousands more.

The US Military Sealift Command on Dec. 31st published a solicitation for bids from shipping companies to ship two boats, each containing 168 TEU’s (twenty-foot equivalent container units) of ammunition, from Greece to Israel.

The description of the vessels required was brief:

“Required: Request US or foreign flag container vessel (coaster) to move approximately 168 TEU’s [standard twenty-foot containers] in each of two consecutive voyages both containing ammunition.”

Bids were requested by January 5th, but it is unclear whether bids were submitted or a contract awarded as of January 8th.

According to the US Military’s solicitation, “Funds are not currently available for this procurement. In the event funds remain unavailable, this procurement will be cancelled without an award being made.”

it is behavior like this that means that every american legislator in washington dc has blood on his/her hands. we know this because whenever israeli terrorists massacre large numbers of palestinians or lebanese we can count on the senate and the house of represenatives to join in their loud, cheering support over the death of more arabs:

The U.S. Senate voiced strong support on Thursday for Israel’s battle against Hamas militants in Gaza, while urging a ceasefire that would prevent Hamas from launching any more rockets into Israel.

The chamber agreed on a voice vote to the non-binding resolution co-sponsored by Democratic and Republican party leaders in the chamber.

“When we pass this resolution, the United States Senate will strengthen our historic bond with the state of Israel, by reaffirming Israel’s inalienable right to defend against attacks from Gaza, as well as our support for the Israeli-Palestinian peace process,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat, said before the vote.

Noting that Israel was bent on halting Hamas rocket fire into its southern towns, Reid said: “I ask any of my colleagues to imagine that happening here in the United States. Rockets and mortars coming from Toronto in Canada, into Buffalo New York. How would we as a country react?”

Co-sponsor and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Kentucky Republican said before the vote: “The Israelis … are responding exactly the same way we would.”

The House was expected to pass a similar resolution.

sure there is one lone voice, dennis kucinich who is offering a different perspective on this in a letter to condoleeza rice, but again, to what effect?:

I am writing concerning Israel’s military offensive against Gaza, which began on December 27th. I support Israel’s security and its right to exist in peace, without the fear of rocket attacks from Hamas. Moreover, I abhor the violence being visited upon the citizens of our firm ally. However, no nation is immune from the legal conditions placed on the receipt of U.S. military assistance. I believe that with the current escalation of violence in Gaza, a legal threshold has been reached, warranting a Presidential examination and report to Congress. I hereby request an examination of Israel’s compliance with the provisions of the Arms Export Control Act of 1976 (AECA).[1]

While neither the AECA nor the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 (FAA) define “internal security” and “legitimate self-defense,” I believe that Israel’s most recent attacks neither further internal security nor do they constitute “legitimate” acts of self-defense. They do, however, “increase the possibility of an outbreak or escalation of conflict,” because they are a vastly disproportionate response to the provocation, and because the Palestinian population is suffering from those military attacks in numbers far exceeding Israeli losses in life and property.

Israel’s current military campaign in Gaza has inflicted a significant toll on Palestinian civilians and society. Israel’s recent aerial and ground offensive against Gaza has killed nearly 600 and injured over 2,500. The Associated Press reported: “children are paying the price. . . . The United Nations has said the death toll includes 34 children. . . . But the broad range of Israel’s targets–police compounds, fire stations, homes of militants, Hamas-run mosques and university buildings–means most shelling is occurring in residential areas.”[2] The extensive destruction of such civilian institutions violates Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which prohibits the wanton destruction of property and collective punishment of a civilian population. There have also been reports of bombings of United Nations (UN) schools, despite the fact that Israeli Defense Forces were allegedly given coordinates of the facilities prior to the current escalation in violence.[3][4] The blockade that Israel has imposed on Gaza since 2006 has further exacerbated the extent of collateral damage, as hospitals and morgues have been unable to cope with the magnitude of deaths and injuries as a result of the current escalation in violence and hospitals lack proper supplies needed to treat the injured. The blockade that Israel has imposed on Gaza since 2006 has further exacerbated the extent of collateral damage, as hospitals and morgues have been unable to cope with the magnitude of deaths and injuries as a result of the current escalation in violence and hospitals lack proper supplies needed to treat the injured. The blockade that Israel has imposed on Gaza since 2006 has further exacerbated the extent of collateral damage, as hospitals and morgues have been unable to cope with the magnitude of deaths and injuries as a result of the current escalation in violence and hospitals lack proper supplies needed to treat the injured. The extensive destruction of such civilian institutions violates Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which prohibits the wanton destruction of property and collective punishment of a civilian population. There have also been reports of bombings of United Nations (UN) schools, despite the fact that Israeli Defense Forces were allegedly given coordinates of the facilities prior to the current escalation in violence. The blockade that Israel has imposed on Gaza since 2006 has further exacerbated the extent of collateral damage, as hospitals and morgues have been unable to cope with the magnitude of deaths and injuries as a result of the current escalation in violence and hospitals lack proper supplies needed to treat the injured.

I believe that Israel’s use of defense articles provided by the U.S in the current Gaza military attacks may constitute a violation of the AECA. At a minimum, the conflict is sufficient to warrant an immediate report to Congress as required by 22 U.S.C. §2753. Please contact my office by close of business on January 7, 2009 with the date the report will be submitted.

you can watch dennis kucinich here on al jazeera (and some mofo zionist too) discussing this issue in congress and you can see that, while it may feel good for a minute to have some white man advocating in support of palestinians: to what effect? what is the use of this?

meanwhile americans and others who are trying to figure out what to do that can be of help: (little clue here: liberating ALL OF HISTORIC PALESTINE), palestinians in gaza continue to be beiseged, and too often forgotten. sameh habeeb has recently been under attack for the tremendous efforts he is going through to write about israeli terrorism every day. he does this at great risk to himself and his family as he reminds us on his blog:

I have got three calls from anonymous persons stop blogging or I would be killed. Yet, I would keep on this track. Some of you do wonder how I send news in such conditions. I really suffer a lot to send you this update due to lack of power. I go around 4 kilo meters a day in this cruel war where I charge my laptop battery to be able to send this work! This is very risky since shells rain down and drones hover over me! I will keep this up.

This is a new report for the 13th day of Gaza War and the outcomes of Israeli invasion. For more reporting, breaking news, interviews and accounts in Gaza, you could reach me on my contact info below. Please try both numbers below because there is a big problem in communication resulted in Israeli power cuts.

13 days. no reprieve. we need resistance, serious resistance, now.

3 thoughts on “complicity with israeli terrorism; or, why we need to support gaza resistance

  1. Words are just not enough anymore. Nothing that I can say will bring back our brothers and sisters. What we need is many many armies, but with one aim, to erdicate the Israeli terrorist forces, so that the people of Palestine and Lebanon can live in peace.

    Words just are not enough any more. As far as I am concerned 1 Gazan injured is 1 too many. How oh how did we ever let them get away with 786 dead and 3000 injured? And 15000 displaced. What will happen to these people? They dont have any home, any shelter, some of them dont even have any family. Resistance is the only way forward and we need it more than ever.

    Long live Palestine

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