only on the stage is there justice for palestinians

palestinian children in gaza put on a theatrical performance last week of a war crimes tribunal against the zionist entity for the massacre it committed in gaza. the play entitled murder of children was performed in gaza city by the young journalists club and was written by ghassan radwan. unfortunately one audience member seems to have summed up a tragic fact about the representation of justice in the play:

As they walked out of the building after hearing the guilty verdict announced, audience members had mixed reactions. “It was nice to hear the words ‘Israel you have been found guilty’” one woman said outside the theatre. Another audience member, however, voiced what was on everyone’s minds when he asked, “but are we ever going to hear those words outside of a play house?”

and, of course, it’s not just about war crimes committed during the massacres committed by israeli terrorists in gaza. it is the ongoing siege and its related problems. this week’s “focus on gaza” on al jazeera with imran garda features an important report by ayman mohyeldin on the way that israeli terrorists abuse palestinian medical patients by forcing them to become collaborators in exchange for medical treatment. it is part of the divide and rule policy that erodes trust within palestinian society among other things. here is the episode:

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